The Practice of Piety.


  1. A Plain Description of God, in respect of his Essence, Persons, and Attributes, so far as every Christian should competently endeavour to learn and know, with sundry sweet Observations and Meditations thereupon
  2. Meditations setting forth the Miseries of a Man in his Life and Death, that is not reconciled to God in Christ
  3. Meditations of the Blessed State, both in Life and Death, of a Man that is reconciled to God in Christ; wherein thou shalt find not a few things worthy the reading and observation
  4. Meditations on Seven Hindrances which keep back a Sinner from the Practice of Piety; necessary to be read of all, but especially of carnal Gospellers in these times
  5. How to begin the Morning with pious Meditations and Prayer
  6. How to read the Bible with profit and ease once over every year
  7. A Morning Prayer, Another shorter Prayer for the Morning, Another brief Morning Prayer
  8. Meditations how to walk with God all the Day
  9. Meditations for the Evening
  10. An Evening Prayer
  11. Meditations as thou art going to Bed
  12. Meditations for a Godly Householder
  13. A Morning Prayer for a Family
  14. Holy Meditations and Graces before and after Dinner and Supper
  15. Rules to be observed in singing of Psalms
  16. An Evening Prayer for a Family
  17. A Religious Discourse of the Sabbath day, wherein is proved, that the Sabbath was altered from the seventh to the first day of the week, not by human ordinance, but by Christ himself and his Apostles–that the fourth commandment is perpetual and moral under the New Testament, as well as under the Old. And the true manner of sanctifying the Sabbath day is described out of the Word of God
  18. A Morning Prayer for the Sabbath day
  19. An Evening Prayer for the Sabbath day
  20. Meditations of the true manner of Fasting, and giving of Alms, out of the Word of God
  21. The right manner of Holy Feasting
  22. Holy and Devout Meditations of the worthy and reverent receiving of the Lord’s Supper
  23. An Humble Confession of Sins before the Holy Communion
  24. A Sweet Soliloquy to be said a little before the receiving of the Holy Sacrament
  25. A Prayer to be said after the receiving of the Holy Sacrament
  26. Meditations how to behave thyself in the time of Sickness
  27. A Prayer when one begins to be sick
  28. Directions for making thy Will, and setting thy house in order
  29. A Prayer before taking Medicine
  30. Meditations for the Sick
  31. Meditations for one that is recovered from Sickness
  32. Meditations for one that is like to die
  33. A Prayer to be said of one that is like to die
  34. Comfortable Meditations against Despair
  35. Directions for those who come to visit the Sick
  36. A Prayer to be said for the Sick by those who visit him
  37. Consolations against Impatience in Sickness
  38. Consolations against the Fear of Death
  39. Seven Sanctified Thoughts, and so many Spiritual Sighs, fit for a sick man ready to die
  40. Of the Comfortable Assurance of God’s Forgiveness of Sins, and receiving of the Lord’s Supper, to the faithful and penitent, before they depart this life, if it may conveniently be had
  41. The Speech of a Godly Man dying
  42. Meditations of Martyrdom, wherein is proved that those who die for Popery cannot be Christ’s Martyrs
  43. A Divine Colloquy between Christ and the Soul concerning the virtue and efficacy of his dolorous passion
  44. The Soul’s Soliloquy unto Christ her Saviour