React and Immutable.js

Jan 03, 2015

A stopwatch built with React and immstruct. Source code is in github.

react.js immstruct

Data visualization

Q & A

Jun 07, 2014

A series of questions and answers gathered around a table. Hover over a face to see more information. Click on the Load More button to load additional nodes. All items are draggable. Thanks to for the avatars and faker for the names, and other fake data.

Update See the final result here.

d3.js svg

Gmail Labels

Feb 24, 2014

Emails are grouped by gmail labels. Each ball is an email label for 1 month in the year. The larger the ball, the more emails I received during that month. Data is provided by google takout. See article for more information.

d3.js svg

St. Louis Weather

Feb 08, 2014

Colored tiles representing the weather in St. Louis over the past few years. Blue is the coldest day, red is the hotest day, and all the other colors fall in between. Hover over items to see the date and temperature. Data is provided by

d3.js svg

Congressional Voting

Jan 30, 2014

An interactive plot of all United States congressmen showing the relationships between senority, the percentage of votes missed, and the percentage of votes cast along party lines. Data is provided by the New York Times.

d3.js svg

HTML5 canvas


Aug 10, 2012

Random balls floating in a random orbit. Admire them before they get away. Press the mouse to bring them back. Release the mouse to scatter.

animation canvas

Spinning Arcs

Aug 08, 2012

Random arcs spinning randomly. Press the mouse down to make the arcs into complete circles. Keep holding the mouse down and the arcs disappear.

animation canvas

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