Gmail Data Visualization with d3.js

TL/DR; see the visualization in action.

Google now allows gmail users to download a complete archive of their Google Services from Google Takeout. I downloaded a copy of my gmail account and decided to poke around a bit. I’ve always enjoyed manipulating large amounts textual data with the old school UNIX commands, sed, awk, cut, grep, etc. so this sounded like a good excuse to have some fun.

It took nearly two hours before my archive was available for download. Google runs a backup at the time you request a download then the file itself was a couple of gigs. I wasn’t sure what to format to expect my gmail backup. Google archives all of my emails in to a single .mbox file. The file was massive. 1.4 Gigs of straight text. Attachments are stored in the mbox file as well. They are base64 encoded and attached as a multipart email attachment.

Long story short, I parsed the gmail.mbox, extracted a few meta data points from each email, and strored the results in a SQL database.

MySQL Structure View

A very useful piece of meta data is the custom X-Gmail-Labels header google adds to all emails. The value of the header are the labels applied to an email I receive. I have around one hundred filter rules for incoming mail so each piece is categorized. Anything in the Inbox category is an email not matching a filter rule.

From 1457861861978585811@xxx Tue Jan 21 05:30:14 2014
X-GM-THRID: 1457861861978585811
X-Gmail-Labels: Basecamp,VE,Important                 # <---- BOOM

I spent a fair amount of time deciding how I will visualize the data. After several SQL queries and a few dead ends I took inspiration from Mike Bostock’s NYT visualization for President Obama’s 2013 budget.


Overall the project was alot of fun. d3.js is an amazing tool with a steep learning curve. It seemed forever before I understand d3’s force layout. In the end, I’m not proud of the JavaScript code, but by the conclusion of the project I needed to plow though and finish things while I still had steam.

See the visualization in action.

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