Will you die for the faith you profess?

In preparation for gospel community I was reading some testimonies from Fox’s Book of Martyrs. I read the account of Coomans, a martyr, who was executed by the Catholic Church for his protestant faith. I was encouraged to read his account before the judge.

On his trial he freely confessed himself of the reformed religion, answered with a manly fortitude to every charge against him, and proved the Scriptural part of his answers from the Gospel. The judge told him the only alternatives were recantation or death; and concluded by saying, “Will you die for the faith you profess?” To which Coomans replied, “I am not only willing to die, but to suffer the most excruciating torments for it; after which my soul shall receive its confirmation from God Himself, in the midst of eternal glory.” Being condemned, he went cheerfully to the place of execution, and died with the most manly fortitude, and Christian resignation.