Stop wasting time!

Jan 21, 2014

Facebook provides little value in my life. Recently I've found myself fiddling away precious moments of my life reading pointless articles or status updates and then saying oh that's (cool|weird), [some random person a knew way back when] just had a (had a baby|got married|went on vacation). Yuck! Today, I had enough so I blocked facebook on my laptop. All I did was add a few lines to /etc/hosts:

Now, when I visit I get a This webpage is not available error in my browser. Yay! It's not perfect. I can always go back and in an remove the lines, but It's worked so far. Apparently my desire for facebooking is fairly weak and more of a reflex when I am bored. Now I'll do something else, like check my twitter :).


Blocking facebook via /ect/hosts also blocks social plugins from facebook such as the facebook like button, which is on nearly every site on the web.

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